Not Helpless and Not Alone

2 Timothy 1:7
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

It may be that some of the more frustrating times on your journey were like some of mine.  For me, these were times that I wanted to be in a different place in my life or times when I just felt like there was no significant, spiritual movement going on within me or in the ministry that God had called me to.  BUT, I didn't feel that I had the ability to do anything about the situation, so I smiled and behaved as though, "It was all good!"  Huh!

Times of feeling powerless to change your circumstances can make you anxious and discontent.  I've learned that these are the times that God is calling us back to simply believe His Word and live in His promises.  One of those Words spoke loudly to me in the middle of my day a few months ago.  "God...hath given us power..."  It's not new news, but when a revelation from God hits you afresh, it's like you never heard it before.  I heard God saying to me through this Word, "Stop pouting! Stop whining!"  Stop wasting the power that I've given to you to overcome your challenges, simply to brood your way into depression.

You see, God has given us the ability to do the next thing; to go the next mile in the life of ministry.  But like Timothy, we are sometimes too timid to approach the place that we are to enter with power and boldness.  The problem is no lack of the Holy Spirit.  It is a lack of will.  And so my beloved brother and sister, I write to remind you that you are capable.  You do have the ability. 

God has given you the power to do.  Trust Him.

You Are Not Helpless, and You Are Not Alone!



Posted by Pamela Shipman on September 13, 2013
This was very encouraging and I am led to start moving to the next stage in life. This encouraged me to stop being fearful and do what I am called to do to better myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. Thank you.
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