The Disciples Who Had Sleeping Sickness

Blessings Beloved of the Lord!
We were blessed to be able to share a simple truth that believers need to be awake in order to receive the blessing and to be a blessing from the Lord.  We shared together that three times in the Gospels disciples were guilty of falling asleep while with Jesus at important times.  While theirs was a physical sleep, it is much more important that we not fall asleep spiritually as we walk with Jesus at home and at Church. 
When the disciples fell asleep at the Transfiguration of Jesus, in The Garden of Gethsemane, and as illustrated in the parable of the Ten virgins:
The Slept and Missed His Glory (Luke 9:32)
They Slept and Missed His Passion (Luke 22:39-45), and
They Slept and Missed Eternal Joys (Matthew 25:1-13).
Spiritual sleep is when we are so tired by the events of our lives that we are not aware of, or do not pay attention to the spiritual opportunities that are present as we walk with Jesus.  Imagine the powerful change in them and the possibilities for good as they served community, if they had not slept away most of the night in each of these events with Christ.  Imagine how God can use you, if you choose to make an effort to be awake spiritually.
The Apostle Paul tells us "the nigh is far spent; the day is at hand: Let us cast off the unfruitful works of dakness and put on the armour of light (Rom 13:12).
Be awake/alive!  Don't miss His glory.  Whatever you see at the moment, be aware that His bright presence is with you.
Be awake/alive!  Don't miss His passion.  Be aware of the things that are dear to the heart of Christ and let them become dear to you also.
Be awake/alive!  Don't miss His Eternal joys.  Don't allow the challenges and affairs of this life to make you sleep spiritually.  There are joys that await you in this day.  At this hour, your spiritual alertness will bring blessing to you and salvation to others.
God bless you!
Pastor Shipman