Family Aide Ministry

By Pastor Robert V. Shipman |  August 24, 2011

Family Aide Ministry to Liberia

     The Overseas Mission Ministry of Prince of Peace has engaged us in an effort to help families in Liberia that were devastated in a brutal 14 year Civil War.  The families that we sponsor are members of the Mt. Nebo Baptist Church in the capital city of Monrovia.  Each month members of our Church have pledged to donate small amounts of money to help these families with their daily living expenses. No specific amount is required (only consistency).  Our members give their donations each third Sunday of the month to our Overseas Missions Ministry which in turn sends it via transfer to the Mt. Nebo Baptist Church, who then distributes the funds to specific families that have been adopted.

      The pastor of Mt. Nebo (Rev. George) will assist us in selecting new families to support as God touches the membership of Prince of Peace to help suffering families.  Communication will be sent by the families receiving help to the individuals supporting them.  We will set up Skype communications between Mt. Nebo and Prince of Peace so that donors can meet their families face to face.  One of the more exciting aspects of this partnership is that we will be exchanging members from time to time between the Churches.  If you are interested contact one of our Overseas Missions Personnel.  They are:

Mrs. Romenia Green, Mrs. Yvonne Carolina, Ms Martina Carolina, Ms Priscilla Custis, Ms Jeanette Moore and Ms Joyce Johnson.

(Pictured above is the Reverend Dr. Samuel Reeves preaching at Prince of Peace in August 2010.)